Flip ‘N’ Check™ is a new twist on how dry-erase activity games are played. 

An easy-to-travel format.

20 educational puzzles, mazes. connect the-dots, word searches, crosswords, and more, for ages 5 and up.

​Curriculum based activity games designed by students from the highly regarded Stuyvesant High School in NYC.

All profits made from the sales of the games go to teaching entrepreneurship to teens.

Find out how high school students are
learning to start a toy company.

​Learn How to Play Flip 'N' Check!

The not-for-profit group, Teen Entrepreneur Boot Camp, started a toy company to create a real-working business model to teach entrepreneurship to high school students, and to fund the program through the sales of the products. Students from various high schools in NYC are the first to unveil a product from this program. 


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